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It now seems that the transfer of accident and emergency services to Royal Bournemouth Hospital (RBH) is a done deal. Under a radical shake-up of health services across Dorset, there are proposals to designate one hospital as the emergency hub and and the other for planned care.
Poole People won three seats in the Poole Council elections on 7 May 2015. Mark Howell retained his seat in Poole Town and was joined by Andy Hadley. Julie Bagwell was elected in Hamworthy West. Unfortunately, Sally Carpenter, Charmaine Parkinson and Chris Wilson lost their seats.
Poole People Leader and Poole Town councillor Mark Howell has been selected as Poole People's candidate in Poole constituency for the General Election on 7th May. Poole People is a grassroots party and therefore the Council elections, which fall on the same day, must be our priority. Mark will be defending his seat in Poole Town in those elections. We…
The Head of Environmental and Consumer Protection Services at the Borough of Poole has issued a memo to councillors following reports of overflowing bins in some locations due to the good weather which includes the statement: “We are designed and resourced to meet predictable demand not peak demand. The latter would be both inefficient and unaffordable.” 
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