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We are concerned about the impact of recent upgrade to the pedestrian rail crossing in Poole High Street and likely future increases in rail services on the line. It is noticeable, following the upgrade, that the barriers are dropped earlier, resulting in more people having to wait at the crossing for longer.
We are pleased to say that the motion Poole People jointly proposed with Creekmoor councillors to accept the offer from Forelle Estates of £400,000 for part of the Marshes End site in Creekmoor was passed by one vote in an emergency Council meeting on Friday ...
Poole People believes that Council processes need to become more open and accountable if the Borough is to governed efficiently in these times of economic hardship.
  On Monday 27th January, a Council motion was passed approving the selection of a site (Marshes End) adjacent to the Fire Station on the roundabout at the Dorset Way/Holes Bay Road junction as a Temporary Stopping Place for gypsies and travellers.   
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